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March 3, 2012
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Tobi by Lord-Nadjib Tobi by Lord-Nadjib
original art: [link]
lineart and color by: :iconlord-nadjib:
charc: Tobi
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myr666 Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i like your stlye oo and tobi, of course
Tobi is Obito, saved by Madara who is now edo madara: revived form dead by Kabuto. read the manga people.
i knew he was not mafara if he was madara and(i think) he said that why keep the mask on?
KillerPain223 Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome :D
I can't believe it!
I just read naruto 599 today.
Fighter1Manga Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We all should of known it was Obito. Here are some facts.
1. The letters in Tobi=Obito-o
2. Kakashi's kamui jutsu is the same as Tobi's jutsus.
3. The reason for showing the story of Kakashi's childhood as a Jonin.
These were the big hints.
the-masked-man-tobi Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
yes 2 of the 3 were big hints but 1. "Obito Obit Tobi" was just a lazy guess that turned out right but to me Tobi is not Obito he is just that to me Tobi nothing more nothing less i love Tobi but hate Obito so to me Tobi is just Tobi Obito is just Obito nothing will change that (sorry if it seems i am getting mad at you i am not just with trolls reading comments you want to think ahead of time is all so Tobi = Tobi and Obito = Obito to me nothing more nothing less is what i am saying but i do know about the new book it was sad for me i wanted Tobi to be a new guy named just that Tobi Uchiha so that is who he will be to me nothing wrong with that is there)
Fighter1Manga Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I know fact 1 was a lazy thing, but it was merely a funny thought.
Anyway I know what you mean, I was hoping that Tobi would be some new character.
the-masked-man-tobi Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
lol yep

and but that is no reason when he has the Mask on you can't think of him as his own character and as far as we know he is some one just using Obito's body we will just have to wait and see but i have been thinking in this war were the hack is black Zetsu and why does he talk down to Tobi when ever they are talking you don't think black Zetsu is the real one behind all this do you but we know nothing about his past so he could be older then the sage of six paths i know this theory seems crazy but think about it for a bit about how Tobi reports to black Zetsu when he sees something black Zetsu does not or how black Zetsu talks down to every one in the Akatsuki or how no matter what people ask him he seems to know or how he has to watch every thing big or how he check up on the Akatsuki teams from time to time he even watched Sasuek and Naruto's fight in the final valley there is proof all around if you look back in the past of Naruto and no one talks down to black Zetsu but they do to white Zetsu see what i mean but think about it for your self if Tobi is really Obito under that mask why would Pein do what that kid says unless Black Zetsu revived him but think about one more thing all the Akatsuki members were fighting for world piece when you think about it that is what Pein/Nagato sayign he was trying for but then Tobi said the moons eye plan after Pein,Nagato,Itachi,Hidan,Kakuzu,Sasori,Deidara and konan left the Akatsuki/died/put in a hole who who stayed with him Kisame and Zetsu his most trusted ally's you may ask what this has to do with black or white Zetsu it proves that Pein would not be taking orders from Obito who would be younger then him so unless Madara really started the Akatsuki the only fit would be Zetsu and that is why Black Zetsu talks down to every one in the Akatsuki he is the real founder of the Akatsuki but what do you think of this theory made it up with a friend of mine we noticed this stuff and started to think maybe Black Zetsu really made the Akatsuki and i will say this once more if he did not why is he not fighting in this war only whits Zetsu's Madara and Tobi or Obito (what ever you want to call him now) i think black Zetsu is the real leader of the Akatsuki calling the shots from a safe place but if you think this is just a random fanboy/girl's theory think about it for a bit and think of what black Zetsu has said and done
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